I was born in the seventies in Ballarat, Australia. I was supposed to be a ‘Luke’ but somehow came out a ‘Karl.’ From the beginning I was constantly around the photography of my uncles – Henry and Konrad -  who were both incredibly talented and documented our family life as if we were rock stars: in artfully dramatic black and white. I have carried their images around the world with me all my life and they now hang on the walls of my home. I moved to New Zealand at the age of four and grew up on a farm at the very base of the South Island with my five siblings. After many adventures I came to America in 2001. Having consciously stayed away from photography thinking I could not match the work I grew up around I stumbled into it while working at Brown University and ended up studying digital photography at the Rhode Island School of Design. When my son was born in 2012 I was inspired to leave my job, become a ‘stay at home Dad’ and start my own business. I live and work in Providence, Rhode Island with my wife and son and the thing I like to photograph more than anything else is people. My particular passion is to document Fathers and the good work they do in the act of ‘Fathering.’ I specialize in paternity (Father Fotos) and maternity photography;  head shots; and creative & documentary life and event portraiture. I believe that pictures are more than proof that we were here. They should be the icons of our lives: 'artfully dramatic' 'rock star' moments that live on well after we are gone. 

My name is Karl Christoff Dominey. Let me catch you in the art of living.